get to know kip

The time I called in (with my voice) and killed a fallow buck in New Zealand… or the time a wild turkey attacked me while driving my 4-wheeler…or probably the time I fist fought an opossum over a Snickers bar.

My Dad.

Right at this moment….On any river catching small mouth bass

Guessing people’s weight at the carnival or barking for the Yak woman. You ever seen her….???....she’s got these big ol’ horns growing out the side of her head…she’s ugly as sin, sweet gal though and a hell of a good cook… or a green beret…or a stand-up comedian and part-time ninja.

Filling out bio questionnaires and being on the road away from my family a lot of the year.

The ability to not hesitate, persistence and sweet a$$ apparel that makes you look good while you hunt.

I just happened to see a Mig-28 do a 4G negative dive and I’ve been within feet of getting hit by lightning more than 5 times.